Internet-ready home.

Lock and unlock your doors remotely.

Wi-fi access in all communal areas of iNz Residence.

One-touch control for different moods and occasions.

No need to wait for your home to chill. The right temperature is set, even before you step in.

From home movie night to date night, create the right ambience with just one touch.

Load your laundry before heading out. Set and complete washing through remote control before arriving home.

Stay connected to your home, even when you are overseas. Instant access to everything in your home through one button.

No more worrying about whether you’ve locked the door. For the more forgetful ones, you can always check back with your smart devices.

The first EC in Singapore with lift lobby video intercom system.

Give your guests the VIP treatment. With one click on the app the guards will be informed instantly of your guests' arrival, making visitation for friends and relatives hassle-free and easy.

IP camera to check on your children, elderly and pets.

Even when you are not at home, you can always see who’s at the door.

Monitor your home and valuables from intruders, fires or floods

Pay your maintenance fees through the app.

Select and book your desired facility whenever, wherever.

From house cleaning, choked pipes to air-conditioner maintenance, choose from a curated list of services at your fingertips.

Make every celebration a success, select from our list of party and event planners through the app.

Choose your favourite dishes from a list of caterers, pay for it and have it delivered to you, all through the app.

Develop your child to be a future star.

Exclusive deals and promotions.

Child care service for residents.

Health monitoring service for Residents.

Take your pick from Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Dance classes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Professional caregivers for your loved ones.

Learn to cook new dishes for your family and be a great home chef with a comprehensive list of cooking and baking classes

Learn to swim safely, or pick up tennis from certified and experienced coaches and instructors.
The content of smart living is subect to terms and conditions. The services listed is subject to change without prior notice and additional charges may apply.